365 Project : First Month Reflection

I'm at the tail end of month one of my 365 project; I've uploaded 29 photos. This Flickr overview (also on Facebook) includes a pre-project image I used for the "cover" -- the great shoes I bought for Monica and Jason's wedding! Looking at these images, I'm at a loss for anything resembling a theme, other than the relative lack of photos of people (other than family members shooting pool). I am trying to "see" ordinary objects in a different way; I think that is coming through, a little bit. And I'm trying to consciously change perspective; I'm not convinced that is coming through, yet. But I'm loving the iPhone camera and the cool apps for playing with photos in post-production! :: WiredPen permalink : Follow Me On Twitter!continue reading →

Have Fun With CameraBag

Want to experiment with photographic filters without the heavy price tag of Photoshop? Then consider CameraBag (@camerabag), even if you don't own an iPhone! This photo processing app for the iPhone and iPad also comes in a desktop version for Mac and PC. Why use a filter application?
Before the digital era, a photographer's choice of camera and film had nearly as much artistic impact as the subject matter. Rediscover the fading, tinting, blurring, chemical processing techniques, and "happy accidents" which gave film photos life.
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