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If you want to learn more about me, there’s a page for that. These are some places where I live online: the digital Kathy E. Gill. (I’m using “social” as the page title because that’s the adjective d’jour, not because I think it’s the right adjective. IOW, I’m being pragmatic.)

Kathy E Gill on twitter
My primary Twitter account is @kegill. However, I have others:

  • @kathygill – First set up to as a place for people to find me, it is now a personal account where I tweet about motorcycles and such. Very low volume.
  • @kegill_uw – Education-related tweets as well as course-specific ones. This is the account that I have students follow for classes.
  • @kathy_live – As the name implies, this is for event tweeting.
  • @uwtwtrbook – The account for my Twitter book.

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Great visual on the party in power over time on your website, but I noticed an error. In 1953, Republicans controlled all 3. Republicans had 221 seats (Dems had 213).

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