Cultural Production In A Digital Age

Cultural Production In A Digital Age:

Barriers and Incentives

Guest Lecture – 11 October 2007

Abstract: Web 2.0 technologies change how we interact with digital cultural objects. We are no longer merely a consumer; we are also a producer. This is a power shift, and the result is entrenchment on the parts of society that currently hold power.

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Chris Anderson, editor of Wired Magazine: “professionals produce”

JibJab, This Land

Mona Elchamaa, Censorship by Others, student project

Abuse of Copyright Flagging

Joichi Ito, Limitations of Digital Copyright

Assignment (turn in before leaving class)

We will pick one of these modern, trademarked cultural icons (Barbie, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Mickey Mouse) and do a Google search to find parodies or criticisms, both text and multi-media examples. What are they? Is there one theme or many? Do you believe these non-sanctioned works infringe on the intellectual property (idea or image) of the trademark holder? Provide evidence for your answer.

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