Trump Cabinet Tracker

The Senate hasn’t formally rejected a Cabinet pick since it voted down President George H.W. Bush’s nomination of John Tower for defense secretary in 1989. But no new president has gotten all of their nominees confirmed in the last 30 years; those that become enmeshed in controversy or partisan brinkmanship (it’s often both) usually withdraw before a vote. Trump has lost one so far. (2 March, TheAtlantic)

Status (23 March)

  1. Trump’s pick for ag secretary, former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue, faced Senate Ag Committee on Thursday, 23 March.
  2. Trump’s pick for labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, had confirmation hearing on Wednesday, 22 March.
  3. Former Indiana Senator Dan Coates sworn in as DNI on March 16. His hearing was in February; vote was March 15.
  4. U.S. Trade Representative-nominee Robert Lighthizer confirmation hearing was Tuesday, March 14.
  5. Council of Economic Advisers slot remains open.
  6. CABINET NEWS: Trump’s initial pick for labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, is stepping down as CEO of CKE, the parent company of fast-food restaurant Carl’s Jr.

    CKE is “concerned about their perception,” said Jeff McNeal, president of restaurant and hospitality consulting firm Fessel International. “I don’t think this is anything about the financial performance of the company. It was his failed nomination.”

Status (13 March)

Still waiting on these confirmations:trump cabinet waiting

  1. Secretary of Agriculture: Sonny Perdue was a late pick; as of 3 March, the White House had not sent the nomination to the Senate. As of 7 March, the committee was “still waiting for the nominee’s responses to a committee questionnaire, paperwork from the Office of Government Ethics and his FBI background check.”
  2. Secretary of Labor: First pick, Andrew Puzder, withdrew. Trump nominated Alexander Acosta in his stead. As of 3 March, the White House had not sent the nomination to the Senate. As of 7 March, he had not completed his financial disclosure.
  3. Director of National Intelligence: nominee Dan Coats. The Senate Intelligence Committee postponed an expected vote according to March 7 news reports; his confirmation hearing was in February.
  4. U.S. Trade Representative: Robert Lighthizer. He represented foreign government agencies in 1985 and 1991, which means Congress has to give him a waiver in order to serve.
  5. Council of Economic Advisers. Open.


Tracking Senate votes on Trump Administration senior nominees

  • March 15: Daniel Coats confirmed as Director of National Intelligence (85-12-3)
  • March 2: James Richard (Rick) Perry confirmed as Secretary of Energy (62-37)
  • March 2: Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., confirmed as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (58-41)
  • March 1: Ryan Zinke confirmed as Secretary of the Interior (68-31)
  • February 27: Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., confirmed as Secretary of Commerce (72-27)
  • February 16: Scott Pruitt confirmed as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (52-46)
  • February 16: Mick Mulvaney confirmed as Director of the Office of Management and Budget (51-49, McCain voted with the minority)
  • February 14: Linda E. McMahon confirmed as Administrator of the Small Business Administration (81-19
  • February 13: David J. Shulkin confirmed as Secretary of Veterans Affairs (unanimous)
  • February 13: Steve Mnuchin confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury (53-47, Manchin III voted with the majority)
  • February 10: Tom Price confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services (52-47)
  • February 8: Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General (52-47)
  • February 7: Betsy DeVos confirmed as Secretary of Education (50-50, tie cast by Vice President Pence)
  • February 1: Rex Tillerson confirmed as Secretary of State (56-43)
  • January 31: Elaine L. Chao confirmed as Secretary of Transportation (93-6)
  • January 24: Nikki R. Haley confirmed as Ambassador to the United Nations (96-4
  • January 23: Mike Pompeo confirmed as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (66-32)
  • January 20: John Kelly confirmed as Secretary of Homeland Security (88–11)
  • January 20: James Mattis confirmed as Secretary of Defense (98–1)