Gulf of Mexico and The BP Oil Disaster

31 May 2010

Once-upon-a-time, I put together a timeline related Hurricane Katrina. This page is home for an archive of information related to the explosion and resulting out-of-control blowout at oil well MC252 (Deepwater Horizon) owned by BP (formerly British Petroleum). My focus is on government actions and political decisions as well as an event timeline.

Some pet peeves and biases (might as well get them out of the way):

  • This is not a spill. A spill is a one-day event with a known N. This is an ongoing “leak” (even though that word seems inadequate) of an unknown N. I resent BP’s continued use of “spill” as its characterization of this engineering failure. A more accurate noun is “blowout.”
  • I’m a southerner. I’m not from the Gulf Coast; I was raised in southwest Georgia. As such, I spent vacation time on Florida panhandle beaches. While growing up, I ate a lot of Gulf shrimp and watched my daddy shuck a lot of Gulf oysters (I hated oysters, but loved oyster stew). I traveled to New Orleans for parties and events several times in my late teens and 20s; one of my favorite post-college get-togethers with women I went to UGA with took place in New Orleans. I tell you this to acknowledge that I probably have biases I’m not aware of that are related to my life experience.

My writing related to the oil spewing in the Gulf of Mexico

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Timelines and Factoids

  • Facts about Louisiana
  • Timeline: Pre-20 April 2010
  • Timeline: 20 April – 31 May 2010

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