2010 Senate Races

For Fall 2010 elections, voters will select 36 Senators (currently held by 18 Democrats and 18 Republicans); one-third of the 100 Senate seats are up for election every two years. Of these 36, 34 are for six-year terms that begin 3 January 2011; these are Senate Class III seats. The other two are special elections. The November 2008 election gave Democrats a majority: 60-40. In the event of a tie, the Vice President casts the deciding vote.

Special Elections

  1. Delaware: Ted Kaufman (D- retiring – appointed to replace Joe Biden; term expires January 2015)
  2. Massachusetts: Paul Kirk (D – retiring – appointed to replace Ted Kennedy; special election on 19 January 2010)
  3. New York: Kirsten Gillibrand (D – appointed to replace Hillary Clinton; term expires January 2013)

Retiring Senators

  1. Connecticut: Christopher Dodd (D – race to watch) 6 Jan 2009
  2. Florida: George LeMieux (R – race to watch)
  3. Illinois: Roland Burris (D – race to watch – appointed to replace Barack Obama)
  4. Kansas: Sam Brownback (R)
  5. Kentucky: Jim Bunning (R – race to watch)
  6. Missouri: Kit Bond (R – race to watch)
  7. New Hampshire: Judd Gregg (R – race to watch)
  8. Ohio: George Voinovich (R – race to watch)

Democratic Senators

  1. Arkansas: Blanche Lincoln (race to watch)
  2. California: Barbara Boxer (relatively safe seat)
  3. Colorado: Michael Bennet (race to watch – appointed to replace Ken Salazar)
  4. Hawaii: Daniel Inouye (relatively safe seat)
  5. Indiana: Evan Bayh (relatively safe seat)
  6. Maryland: Barbara Mikulski
  7. Nevada: Harry Reid (race to watch)
  8. New York: Chuck Schumer
  9. North Dakota: Byron Dorgan
  10. Oregon: Ron Wyden (safe seat)
  11. Pennsylvania: Arlen Specter (R seeking re-election as a D)
  12. Vermont: Patrick Leahy (3rd most senior Senator; safe seat)
  13. Washington: Patty Murray (relatively safe seat)
  14. Wisconsin: Russ Feingold (relatively safe seat)

Republican Senators

  1. Alabama: Richard Shelby (safe seat)
  2. Alaska: Lisa Murkowski (relatively safe seat)
  3. Arizona: John McCain (safe seat)
  4. Georgia: Johnny Isakson (safe seat)
  5. Idaho: Mike Crapo (has not declared intention)
  6. Iowa: Chuck Grassley
  7. Louisiana: David Vitter
  8. North Carolina: Richard Burr
  9. Oklahoma: Tom Coburn
  10. South Carolina: Jim DeMint (safe seat)
  11. South Dakota: John Thune
  12. Utah: Bob Bennett (contested R primary)

Polling Data

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