COVID-19 reading recommendations, 15-21 March, 2020

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Week 3

21 March 2020

This is a combo reading/watching recommendation: in 2015 Bill Gates gave a TED talk, We’re not ready for the next epidemic. This GatesNotes essay contains the video as well as additional information, including links to an op-ed for the NYT and an essay in the New England Journal of Medicine.


20 March 2020


19 March 2020


18 March 2020


17 March 2020

  • COVID-19 Update, A Message From Concerned Physicians. 17 March 2020.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has reached a point where containment is no longer possible. The COVID-19 threat is real, and rapidly getting worse. Many of you are very nervous, some are unsure of the validity of the information you are reading. As physician leaders, we felt it was important to craft a resource you can rely on as being scientifically accurate and one which contains as much actionable information and guidance as possible.


16 March 2020


15 March 2020