Installing WordPress On UW Servers : Part 3

Now we will install and configure WordPress; this is the most simple and fast of the steps so far. Five minutes, tops! (Assuming a decently-speedy Internet connection.)

This tutorial assumes that you are still logged into your account with a terminal client. [Or go back to part one, installing MySQL or part two, configuring myPHPAdmin.]

Part 3: Installing WordPress

Navigate to your public_html directory.

Navigate to your public_html directory.
  1. Download WordPress using wget.


  2. Unzip the file you just downloaded:

    tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz

  3. We will use a web-based configuration script. Open a web browser and enter the following URL, replacing account_type and uwnetid with the base URL to your Web site. Replace account_type with staff, faculty, depts, courses, or students. Replace uwnetid with your UW NetID.NOTE: you must be logged into the account in the web browser.

  4. Enter the database connection details based on the settings from Parts 1 and 2 of this tutorial, when you set up MySQL.
    Database Name: wordpress
    User Name: Use the username you created in MySQL that has
    access to the wordpress database.
    Password: The password for the MySQL user.
    Database Host:
    This is potentially the most confusing field. You need to enter the database host name — it is either ovid or vergil, depending on where your MySQL server is running. The port# is from Part 1 of the tutorial.
    Table Prefix: (leave this empty)

    Assuming all goes well, you’ll see this screen:

    wordpress installation
    WordPress Install : Successful Contact With Database
  5. WordPress wants a little more information before completing the install: be sure to use a working email address! This is where WP will send you the initial admin account information if you forget it on the next step.. You can change the blog title at any time; it’s not critical. The email address is. If this is a prototype or test site, you might want to deselect the “allow blog to show in search engines” until you are ready to be seen by the world.

    wordpress install
    WordPress needs a working email address!

    Finally, WordPress will show you what it has set up as the initial admin password. Write it down! (It’s an example of a really strong password, btw.)

    WordPress - Final Installation Screen

    When you click “login”, you will use this username and password to access the account. You probably want to change that password!

    Initial WordPress Login : Change Password

At this point, we have completed the WordPress installation. Next is configuration.

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