WordPress Installation Checklist

Specific changes in the Dashboard

  • Settings -> Permalinks : change permalink structure (factors to consider)
  • Settings -> General : Title/Subtitle; Time-zone; date format; time format
  • Settings -> Writing : Disable “Post Via Email” and “Remote Publishing” unless you plan to do these things. Note: “Remote Publishing” must be turned on to use ScribeFire or iPad/iPhone apps
  • Settings -> Discussion : Review settings/make recommendations
  • Posts –> categories: edit “Uncategorized” and rename it something meaningful, even if it’s just “Miscellaneous”. You can also add new categories here or when you are creating a blog post.
  • Settings-> privacy: You must make your blog public — whether or not it is included in search engines or public listings is your choice.
  • Options –> general: Change the timezone to [-8 / Los Angeles or San Francisco]
  • Users -> Users -> Authors & Users : Set up new admin and disable default admin privileges or delete account (security)
  • Menus -> Discussion

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