How To Add An Image To A WordPress Post or Page

To add images to a WordPress blog or post

NOTE: You cannot upload a BMP (native Windows file format). If your screengrabs are BMPs, then I suggest using a free service,, to convert them to PNG or JPG.

  1. Navigate to the page or post that needs an image
  2. Make sure you have positioned the cursor where you want to insert an image before you begin the process.
  3. After inserting the image, save draft and preview to see if it looks like you want it to look

1. Launch the upload tool

Wordpress toolbar
1. Click the camera icon to launch the add image window - you can use this for PPTs also

2. Upload the image

add image
2. Browse, the click upload image

3. Fill out the image form

add image details
3. Add an "alt" tag, a caption if you want one; then select position and size; click "insert into post"

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[…] Steps 1.Log in to Wikipedia and to 2.Open Paint (Windows image editor in accessories) 3.Take a screen capture of the article that shows what you want to edit (alt+print screen) and the reference list. Paste into Paint. Save as jpg (where you can find it later!) 4.In a different window or tab, access your edit notes (your blog post) 5.Select “edit section” (if that’s an option) 6.Make the changes (copy and paste your text) 7.Use the citation tool to make your reference 8.Preview; note changes and save 9. Take a screen capture of your edit and new reference list 10. Edit your blog post; add the images to the bottom of the post How to add an image to a WordPress post or page […]

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