Blogging Glossary

Blog (noun)
Shorthand for “weblog.” A website that contains regularly updated content (written material, sound, photos, video) that is usually created by a single person. Entries are date-stamped, presented in reverse-chronological order, and categorized for easy access to archives.

Blog (verb)
To publish a blog or to post an entry to a blog.

Blogosphere (noun)
The virtual community of blogs. May be used in a macro-sense (all blogs) or a micro-sense (all blogs in a genre).

Blogroll (noun)
A list of external links, usually to other blogs, that usually appears on the blog homepage.

Blogware (noun)
The software used to manage a blog.

Comments (noun)
Commentary appended to a blog post by a reader or by the blog author (usually in response to a reader).

Comment spam (noun)
Analogous to e-mail spam; advertising masquerading as a legitimate comment.

Permalink (noun)
Contraction of “permanent link.” The URL (link) to an individual blog post, or in the case of blogs created with UserLand software, each individual paragraph in a post. Sometimes comments also have permalinks.

RSS Reader (noun)
The software that a blog subscriber uses to display (read) an RSS feed. Also called a news aggregator or feed reader.

Trackback (verb)
The communication between a blogs that allows one blog to know that its content has been referenced on another blog.

TrackBack (noun)
An entry on a blog that notes its content has been referenced on another blog.

Videoblog (noun)
A blog that contains primarily videos for content.

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