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If you are using a Mac instead of a PC, unless other wise indicated, be aware that you should use the CMD key instead of the CTRL key. These keyboard shortcuts are grouped into the follow categories:

Audacity Project and Files Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Function
 CTRL + I  Import Audio
 CTRL + N  New Project
 CTRL + O  Open Project
 CTRL + S  Save Project
 CTRL + W  Close Project
 CTRL + P (CMD + ,)  Audacity Preferences

Audacity Editing Keys

Keyboard Shortcut Function
 F1  Selection Tool
 F2  Envelope Tool
 F3  Draw Tool
 F4  Zoom Tool
 F5  Time Shift Tool
 F6  Multi-Tool Mode
 D  Next Tool
 A  Previous Tool

Audacity Editing Menu Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Function
 CTRL + A  Select All
 CTRL + K or Delete  Delete
 CTRL + L  Silence
 CTRL + V  Insert
 CTRL + Y  Redo (Windows)
 CTRL + Z  Undo
 CTRL + Shift + Z  Redo (Mac/Unix)
 Z  Find Zero Crossings

Audacity Playback and Recording

Keyboard Shortcut Function
 Spacebar Play/Stop (toggle)
 Shift + Space or L
Play from Cursor to Selection
 R Record
 1 1 second preview

Audacity Navigation

Keyboard Shortcut Function
 CTRL + 1  Zoom In
 CTRL + 2
 Zoom Normal
 CTRL + 3
 Zoom Out
 CTRL + B  Create Label
 CTRL + E  Zoom To Selection
 CTRL + F  Fit In Window
 CTRL + Shift + F  Fit Vertically
 CTRL + R  Repeat Last Effect

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