How To Adjust Sound On A Track (Audacity Envelope Tool)

The envelope tool is found on the Audacity Control Toolbar.

Use this tool to manually adjust the volume of any portion of your sample without actually changing the sound file (until it is exported). The envelope tool is especially useful for editing interviews and is also the tool you will use to bring sound “up” or take it “down” in your intro.

Turn the envelope tool “on” and you’ll see blue borders around your track. Click the blue line to add a handle (it will look like a white square point). When you have more than one handle, you can change the volume of the sound between the two handles. Widen to increase volume and narrow to reduce volume. To remove a handle, click-and-drag it off the track.

audacity tool bar

audacity envelope editing


Source:Audacity Help. Watch video tutorial.

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On the latest version of audacity for a 2017 MacBook Pro, how do you add handles between other handles (the start and ending handle). In other words, create different volumes between the start and finish of a highlighted section.

Quick question…this always messes me up. When I highlight one part of a track that is too loud and click on the envelope tool…it highlights and adjusts the volume of the WHOLE track instead of the targeted area. How do I simply adjust volume in that one area?

Thank YOU! Thank You! The “white-out” aka envelope tool was driving me nuts, until you provided the insanely simple answer — just click on another tool! Now I feel like a tool!

I know this sounds really stupid but it’s driving me mad. How do I turn off the envelope tool!

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