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  1. kegill Reply

    July 2009 alternate ingredient list:

    * 8 oz extra sharp (white) Tillamook
    * 6 oz mild (orange) cheddar
    * 6 oz Beechers extra sharp (white) cheddar
    * 4 oz cream cheese
    * 3 oz Yancy’s Peppadew Cheese
    * 2 T W.
    * 1 T mayo
    * 1/3 c dark beer (I used Guinness)
    * 3 oz diced pimentos

  2. Kathy Reply

    Made a batch for this weekend’s BBQ using Yancey’s (NY) Buffalo Wing Cheddar. Careful, that stuff is H-O-T! (Not on their website — neither is the Peppadew Cheese, which I have sitting out to come to room temp)

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