Candle (eww) Salad

My dear friend @KitchenMage teased on Twitter:


I, of course, DMed her … her answer was Candle Salad. An answer she eventually made public. (Careful – make sure that “l” key is pressed firmly.)

Penzy's candle salad 2010

Candle Salad? Huh?

Google to the rescue: take the curved top half of a banana, stick it upright into a pineapple slice, affix a cherry on top (with a toothpick) and decorate with creamy white drippings. Place the whole thing on a lettuce leaf and serve … to children as a festive dessert.

Yeah … right!

This is not so much a recipe – although it is a recipe – as it is a “oh how our minds have slid into the gutter” post.

Or a giggle.

Or something.

Even Penzy’s – Penzy’s! – published this recipe (pdf) in 2010 (image at right, page 53):

Laurel Cosbie can’t wait to dig out her holiday recipes and cook something festive for her husband Dick.

Here’s the recipe, from the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys & Girls (1957), although it appeared in print as early as 1916.

 It’s better than a real candle, because you can eat it.


betty crocker 1957 candle salad banana pineapple cherry lettuce mayo

One hypothesis: this festive, holiday recipe may have been promoted by Dole (pineapple). Another, by Chiquita (the banana people).

The timeless ingredients seem to be:

  • Lettuce leaves (base of candle holder)
  • Pineapple ring (candle holder)
  • Banana (the candle)
  • Maraschino cherry (the flame)
  • Mayo (melted wax)

Other ingredients/substitutions along the way:

  • Coconut to serve as a wick (1928)
  • Strips of red or green pepper (candlestick handles, 1920s)
  • Red jelly (1920s) or red jello (1957, pdf) garnish
  • Pimento “bit” to serve as flame (1984, pdf)
  • Apple slices instead of pineapple (1997, pdf)
  • Apricots and raspberries (2009)
  • Orange gumdrop instead of cherry (Penzy’s, 2010, pdf)
  • Candy corn instead of cherry plus peanut butter (2010)
  • Strawberry instead of cherry (2011)
  • Whipped cream/sour cream/cottage cheese/cream cheese (anything creamy and white)

For your enjoyment or eye pain or lascivious chuckles (I feel a meme in the making):

Images link to sources; some have recipes.



candle salad


candle salad


candle salad


candle salad


candle salad


candle salad jellow


And I leave you with this illustrated walk though yesteryear (pdf) …. a twisted banana split … and video giggle:


Will you be serving a Candle Salad this holiday season?

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