Dell, Lexar announce entertainment products

Dell’s new 15GB jukebox and music service debuted Tuesday, while Lexar joined the MP3 player market.

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MIT debuts music-swap

On Monday, MIT debuted a system that lets students listen to 3,500 CDs over the school’s cable television network. Since this is analogous to broadcasting songs over the radio, the license is relatively inexpensive (the cost of the MP3s). The MIT project is called “Library Access to Music” or “LAMP.” Students can select 80 minutes […]


Wal-mart leading economic indicator

The old saying was “as goes Detroit, so goes the nation.” Today, we should substitute “Wal-Mart” for Detroit. The ubiquitous retailer is the nation’s largest private employer (1.1 million); it accounts for 9 percent of US retail sales. Its annual US sales of $203.7 billion dwarf the combined sales of the next four largest US […]