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Motorola launches Linux-run phone

On Friday, Motorola launched a phone based on the Intel chip set and Linux operating system; the phone is currently available only in China. Motorola declined to provide details such as price or if/when the phone might be available in the U.S. or Europe. The company sells a phone with a Microsoft operating system in […]


Just say no, please!

The New York Times reports this morning that Microsoft is wooing Google and has offered to buy (ie, assimilate) the upstart firm. Neither Google nor Microsoft would confirm the paper’s report., science-tech section, does not list the story, but a search on Google, IPO and Microsoft yields a plethora of citations, many talking about […]

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MSN splits; so does Palm

It’s the week for divorces, it seems. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced it was splitting MSN into two parts: communication and information. The information division has the web site, e-commerce, the nascent search technology; this group will also work on an online music store. The communication division has Messenger, Hotmail, Passport. Interesting timing. It’s the first […]