Inaugural Post

I'm re-joining the blog world (I dipped a toe in two years ago with blogger) with this blog to support my classes in Digital Media at the University of Washington. As I see news stories that relate to student interests or class topics, I'll be noting them here -- with and without commentary. We'll see if this survives the 30-day trial at Typepad, or if I return to :)continue reading →
My Hello World Post …

My Hello World Post …

... was made on November 25, 2001 ... on Blogger. At the time, I was teaching web design at Seattle Central Community College and thought Blogger was a little too rudimentary (like all v1 disruptive products). Oh. And the content lived on MY site, not Blogger's (see that reference to FTP?). Of course, this Google-developed theme was not one that Ev et al had way back then. There wasn't a Twitter embed then, either!continue reading →

Design for usability

"Confusion and clutter are failures of design, not attributes of information." Edward R. Tufte, Envisioning Information Abstract Graphic design is about communicating. It can enhance a communications effort or it can interfere. In the established world of print, the interference may be minimized given that the user is very familiar with the interface (paper, words, read left-to-right, top-to-bottom in western cultures). However, graphic design on a web site can easily hinder the communications effort, particularly if it results in a change in the interface familiar to the user. Drawing on research from psychologists and communications professionals, this presentation examines the effectiveness of design, from a usability perspective. Presented at WWW6 - Santa Clara, California HTML Writer's Guild Pre-Conference Session Monday 7 April 1997 Kathy E. Gill, HWG Governing Board member Original post Design for usability, pdfcontinue reading →