Design for usability

"Confusion and clutter are failures of design, not attributes of information." Edward R. Tufte, Envisioning Information Abstract Graphic design is about communicating. It can enhance a communications effort or it can interfere. In the established world of print, the interference may be minimized given that the user is very familiar with the interface (paper, words, read left-to-right, top-to-bottom in western cultures). However, graphic design on a web site can easily hinder the communications effort, particularly if it results in a change in the interface familiar to the user. Drawing on research from psychologists and communications professionals, this presentation examines the effectiveness of design, from a usability perspective. Presented at WWW6 - Santa Clara, California HTML Writer's Guild Pre-Conference Session Monday 7 April 1997 Kathy E. Gill, HWG Governing Board member Original post Design for usability, pdfcontinue reading →