A different tune

It's no real surprise that a Microsoft Executive blasted Apple's iTunes for Windows. The interest comes in the comments that are appearing in blogs. At one Seattle PI blog, a reader writes: .. WMA was created by Microsoft so that they did not have to play the standards game and could achieve vendor lock. It is ironic that they would now complain that Apple's use of a standardized format would be a bad thing... and another I have installed itunes onto my Windows PC (and) it really is the best Windows application I have yet to use. The Windows Player was always useless to me, it was always a challenge. While I was loading the itunes I looked at the new operating system for macintosh, Panther, and I am impressed. So where are your comments Seattle windows users? Tell me Apple is bad like you do in the past so…continue reading →

Monkey thinks, robots do

The discovery that monkeys have been able to control a robotic arm via brain waves is slowly making its way from scientists to the popular press. In addition to the possible benefits for those who are paralyzed, the research has implications for manipulating items on a computer screen. More news: WAFF.com (Alabama); SanDiego.com (AP); Syndey Morning Herald; Wired.com; PLOS Biology Online Journal; MIT News Release (6 December 2000). Information about the new online journalcontinue reading →

Promo to deliver 100 million tunes

Once again, Apple is moving along unmarked paths ...this time, a promotion with Pepsi to give away 100 million (yes, you read that right) free songs to Mac and PC members of the iTunes store. In addition, Apple is now selling audio-books and other spoken programs from iTunes. This, in the same week that pundits insisted that iTunes was too little, too late for the bulk of the computing community, PC owners. In addition, Apple has announced a free upgrade for iPod that will allow both voice recording and photo storage. What's next? A bigger screen? The Norton may have been ahead of its time, but not the iPod. See more at The Globe and Mail (Canada); Rolling Stone; and vnunet.com (UK).continue reading →