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The U.S. was not founded as a Christian nation

CNN amplified the myth that the U.S. was “founded as a Christian nation.” CNN should have framed the disinformation with a truth sandwich.

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Why you should see Trump’s Truth Social posts (you don’t need an account)

Active citizens are essential to keep the village that is American democracy alive. Monitoring, contextualizing and sharing Trump’s rhetoric is one way to “keep” our democratic republic.

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A Boeing 737 MAX 9 blew an escape hatch on Friday. Here’s how a once-great engineering company created deadly planes.

  Boeing no longer makes “amazing flying machines.” Typing that sentence brings a lump to my throat. My brain sees the “Red Barn,” part of the Museum of Flight adjacent to Boeing Field that pays homage to early Boeing innovation. Friends (geeky ones) held their wedding reception at the museum. I may have Georgia red […]