The Slow Death Of “Off The Record”

Whether it's good or bad, it looks like "off the record" is dying a slow death, the latest victim of ubiquitous recording technology. In case you missed it, ABC's Terry Moran hijacked a juicy tidbit from a CNBC interview with President Obama. There are a serious ethical issues associated with ABC employees listening in on a competitor interview (they "share a fiber optic line" according to AP). There are additional ethical issues associated with leaking a quote out of context. …continue reading →

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

(It Will Be Live, And On Your Phone)

TwitterWorkshopTalkTuesday, 6pm Saint Martin's University, Harned 109 Twitter Workshop followed by discussion about Iran and Twitter Part of The September Project Abstract Almost 40 years ago, Gil Scott-Heron wrote "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," reflecting on conflicts in American society that arose in the 1960s; specifically, the song focuses on equality for blacks as well as the Vietnam war. In the intervening decades, the influence of mass media like television networks has begun to wane, giving way to the power of personal digital networks. The uprising in Iran in June 2009 illustrates the power of the real-time Web, giving credence to Scott-Heron's closing lyric: "The revolution will be live." …continue reading →