Exodus To Starbucks…

... cause "my internet is not working." Hysterical SouthPark episode (via Go2Web2.0). What did we used to do to get the news before the Internet? A television! (mad stampede) TV announcer: "Once again we apologize but we cannot bring you the news. It appears that we have no Internet here at News 4. We'll be happy to bring you up on current events, just as soon as our Internet is back." So off to Californy-way! Silicon Valley. "They've got a whole mess of Internet out there!" South Park Over-Logging - Part 1 Watch the complete episode at the SouthParkZone. (Well, no, you can't. They're apparently slashdotted -- making the episode's premise come true! LOL!)continue reading →

IBM Launches Pilot Program For Migrating To Macs

From Roughly Drafted: IBM’s Research Information Services launched an internal pilot program designed to study the possibility of moving significant numbers of employees to the Mac platform. The study has already found an enthusiastic response from participants and is helping to drive Mac support for IBM’s business applications. Wheee! I own stock. In Apple, not IBM. ;-)continue reading →