Why Some Folks Love Twitter

WiredPen really isn't All Twitter, All The Time, although it might feel like it lately! I just discovered this great little tribute to Twitter at ShinyRed ... and of course, I found Shiny Red via Twitter. I love Twitter for its serendipity. I lurked for a long time before I started posting ... erh, tweeting! I'm currently archiving each day's tweets for a little content analysis in a month or so. See my post on Twitter genres (looking for input!) as well as my Twitter resources page (a work in progress: next how-to is how to have Twitter update your Facebook status). More from Chris Pirillocontinue reading →

Editorial Board Transparency (And Tech Incompetence)

[Two Updates Below] In prep'ing for digital journalism workshops for our UW undergrads, I discovered that the Seattle PI has opened up at least some editorial board meetings to the public via "podcasts." (I challenge you to try to find the podcast archive/description via the masthead links, however.) Seattle PI Masthead Links The NY Times Caucus blog reported Saturday that a Friday afternoon Indianapolis Star editorial board meeting with presidential candidate Barack Obama was "live streamed in real time." (The blog link to the webcast is now broken -- poor planning on the Indianapolis Star's part and a lead-in to the "tech incompetence" portion of this post. See updates: no some editorial transparency in the archived clips.) I question the merits of a live video stream: mid-afternoon on a Friday while most folks are at work? I like the PI's simplicity -- an mp3 of the session, with give-and-take. Video might be nice -- doubtful, as there is no "motion", simply talking heads. And the mp3 is easy to download and listen to when disconnected from the website.…continue reading →

Facebook “Chat” Annoyance

A friend asked me (via Facebook) how to use FB to follow a Twitter feed. As I was typing an explanation, Facebook decided to pitch its new "chat" feature. I wasn't interested, so I clicked the "close" button. NOTHING happened! Well, nothing happened re the chat promo ... but the interruption killed my ability to reply to her question. There was no way to get to the "send" button ... in fact, the entire "message box" was hosed. Fortunately, I was able to open my friend's account in a new window, open a new message window, and paste my already-created reply. And then send. All the while, the annoying "Facebook Chat Promo" popup remains intractable on the original page. The promo is not only "in your face", it's poorly executed. Can't even blame it on being on my Mac -- I'm on a PC at the moment. Firefox reading →