Back To The Future: TFM

In 2001 and 2002 I wrote a monthly “column” called <TFM>*. My goal was to explore issues in web design, specifically usability. Even back then, some of my friends (and students) wondered if I had ever met a Web site that I liked. (I still get this question!) Unfortunately, even in 2008, finding examples to illustrate poor interface design and limited usability is much easier than finding exemplary sites. …continue reading →

Free Photoshop Book. No Strings!

I suppose I should start reading Digg more often, but I found out about this free book from Eric Rice (via Twitter, of course), who was pointing to an article at the Read-Write-Web about how crowds can be dumb. Here's the deal: that 99designs is officially sponsoring a 30 day giveaway of SitePoint's Photoshop Anthology (for another 17 days!). Sitepoint decided (intelligently) to add a "Digg" button to the landing page (the promo page). But someone killed the ride to the "top" of Digg with this comment (which is totally bogus): …continue reading →

A Twhirl Bug?

I've set up Twhirl (a Twitter client) with three accounts, in order to experiment with grouping tweets (sorta) by topic. I have my main account (kegill), where I tweet and where I follow people that I really know as well as people who I think have interesting ideas on a broad area of topics; a politics account (uspolitics) where I feed my US Politics posts and follow breaking news and political tweets; and an education account (kegill_uw) where I follow people whose primary focus is, well, education. However, as you can see from this screenshot, the last account created (kegill_uw), improperly shows the most recent tweet. It also doesn't seem to update without an occasional kick-in-the-pants. Thoughts? Am I alone in this problem? Update: It also wouldn't let me post a tweet. One of our MCDM students says he's had similar problems with Twhirl on his laptop and that it…continue reading →