Feds set up internal consulting group for web projects, but what about contracts?

In announcing the new U.S. Digital Service (USDS), Chief Information Officer Steve VanRoekel told the Washington Post: “Think of this as [a team of] management consultants that helps you understand your gaps.” The Playbook is a next step for the digital president and a response to the HealthCare.gov disaster.[icopyright one button toolbar] There were gaping […]

Computers and network

How the FCC could be like TSA: proposal to create an Internet fast lane

Using money to privilege convenience may be the American ethic. And it’s a far cry from the egalitarianism exemplified in “all men are created equal.” Look at the TSA and its “precheck” program, for example. With TSA precheck, you pay $85 and cough up your biometrics and an application for government review. If you don’t […]

U.S. broadband is costly and continues to lag the world

Yet another report highlights that U.S. broadband (aka “high speed internet”) is overpriced and underperforms relative to the rest of the world. This report is from the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute. Meanwhile, in larger U.S. cities, we continue to observe higher prices for slower speeds by comparison. In the U.S., for example, the […]

Review: In ‘Age of Context,’ Scoble and Israel position science fiction as science now

When asked what I think the future of personal technology might look like, I usually refer the questioner to Rainbows End. This near-future vision from Vernor Vinge, which won the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Novel, is set in California in 2025. Just about every object in the world is networked; libraries are becoming extinct as all the […]

Another one bites the dust: Popular Science shuts down comments

It was one of the early defining characteristics of blogs: the ability to “comment” on a post. Comments made it possible for an author-reader relationship to develop. Comments also facilitated reader-to-reader dialog and a community, one that could be (often was) far more focused than a discussion group (email or web board). Comments facilitated a […]

Headline Peril: Remember, It’s In Your RSS Feed (And All That This Means)

We’ve all done it at least once: hit “publish” before noticing an errant letter (or word) in a post headline. Today it happened at the Washington Post, and Alex Howard noticed it. Best Autocorrect Typo We Read Today RT @ezraklein Exclusive: Kathleen Sebelius on Obamacare’s ‘very tight’ deadliness http://t.co/28FX0V0IhM — Alex Howard (@digiphile) July 26, […]