How To: Using Categories To Organize Content

When you create your first blog post in WordPress, there is one "category" option (over there on the top right of the administrative screen). We don't ever want to use that default to categorize a post! Categories are not to be confused with "tags" (a more modern, Web 2.0 concept). Think of categories as major subject headings. If you are in one of my classes, chances are you will be a discussion leader at some point in time. Thus I have you create a category, "discussion leader."…continue reading →

How To: Accessing UW Library Databases

This tutorial shows you how to access an article in a University of Washington Library database (such as ACM) from off-campus by beginning at the UW Library website.. If you are on campus, the steps are the same, except there is no need for the off-campus login steps. However, some people use the library proxy bookmarklet rather than beginning research at the UW Libraries web site. More info on that option is available at reading →