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Calling Dick Tracy!

Sprint has announced cellphone TV, courtesy of technology developed at Berkeley. Called MobiTV, this effort by Idetic Inc is the latest attempt to convince us that we really want our phones to be “Swiss Army Knife-like” gadgets. The video is displayed at one-two frames per second, considerably slower than the 30 frames per second we […]

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Coming to your local grocery store …

And you thought your biggest worry was online spyware. Researchers at IBM have created a “smart” shopping cart which contains an interactive screen and scanner. If a shopper is part of a store’s loyalty system, the cart can provide a shopping list based upon her prior purchase. It can recommend items that are on sale. […]

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India attacks digital divide

India’s federal government plans on spending more than $2.7bn to help bridge the technological gap between its urban and rural areas. It’s goal: develop a voice-activated, low-cost computer. The need? More than 70 percent of the population lives in rural areas, where illiteracy is high. The new device might resemble the two-year old Simputer — […]