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Kindle Scare: White Screen of Death

All I did was swipe to wake-up … and my paperwhite Kindle presented this ominous message in plain Courier-like type: “Collecting information. May take a min…Will restart when done…Please wait…” As I waited (more than a minute), I started a search: <Kindle collecting information restart wait>.


We Use Mobile Phones A Lot At Home, Per Google Mobile Search Data

Of course it’s a bit self-serving, but Google recently released data on mobile search. One conclusion is intriguing: most mobile phone searches happen while we are in our homes. Not on-the-go. Not at work. In our homes. Is this because the phone is in our hands and we are looking to go “out” for dinner, […]

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Complicated Privacy Policy Bites Former Facebook Marketing Director Zuckerberg

In an exchange captured by Buzzfeed, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister and former marketing director Randi Zuckerberg posted a candid family photo on Facebook about “the family’s reaction to the site’s new ‘Poke’ app.” Vox Media’s Callie Schweitzer saw the photo in her Facebook newsfeed and tweeted it. Zuckerberg objected.