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Another Cable Cut?

The Khaleej Times reports that there are now five Middle East undersea cable that have been cut. The first, only now reported, was the Flag Telcom FALCON cable on 23 January, one week before the latest round. (tip) Here they are: SeaMeWe-4 (South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe-4) near Penang, Malaysia (nd) FLAG near the Dubai […]

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FCC Approves Sale of Nationwide Spectrum to AT&T

From Yahoo! News: AT&T has a green light to buy 60 percent of the 12MHz spectrum, part of the 700MHz spectrum band that “carries wireless signals three to four times farther than some higher spectrum bands.” In October, the announced terms of sale were US$2.5 billion. The purchase “covers 196 million of the 303 million […]