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Tip: can’t log in to PayPal from iPad /iPhone apps

After going through a 360 process at least three times while trying to use PayPal to pay for Christmas movie tickets in Fandango … I gave up and started trying to find a solution using Google. Read on to see how to enable PayPal payments on Fandango, if you’re having problems. 1. Log in to […]

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Apple’s 2013 Christmas ad: a story with a twist

Apple’s holiday ad via @gruber : #nicelyDone #promoForVideoRotateTools — Kathy E Gill (@kegill) December 17, 2013   I almost added #kleenex to that tweet. I probably should have. Without revealing the plot twist in the 90-second clip, I’ll simply say that I thought it was an effective reframing that makes the title, “Misunderstood,” resonate.


Problems with iCloud Sync reported

[updated]I just discovered that my newly upgraded-to-iOS7 iPad4 is not syncing calendar or notes entries to iCloud. Yet my not-upgraded iPhone5 is syncing in both places. I checked GoogleNews without success, but I found an entry in the Apple Forums from September 20: Since installing iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini, I’ve […]