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Using algorithmic tools (“AI”) like ChatGPT and MidJourney in the classroom: a guide for teachers

Disruptive algorithmic tools like Bard, ChatGPT and MidJourney  (colloquially known as “AI”) challenge the relationship between human and machine. That’s why it’s important to integrate these tools into curricula. Student phones, tablets and laptops are flooded with tech hype. Where better for students to gain insights into how these technologies work and their potential impacts […]

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Trust: the challenge facing “artificial intelligence”

Why humans can’t trust AI: You don’t know how it works, what it’s going to do or whether it’ll serve your interests Mark Bailey, National Intelligence University There are alien minds among us. Not the little green men of science fiction, but the alien minds that power the facial recognition in your smartphone, determine your creditworthiness […]

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Microsoft fumbles again due to unbridled technological optimism at MSN

This example of “synthetic media” is courtesy of billionaire Gary Fegel, who owns Racetrack News.