Why Do You Think People Like Twitter?

Prior to an interview on Friday about Twitter's "staying power," Caitlin Murphy (KIRO intern, UW grad) asked me that question. In preparation for our meeting, I tweeted: "Why do you like Twitter? Which is your favorite, Twitter or Facebook?" I also looked at some of the answers to the question "What would you say to a friend who asked you about Twitter?" from our spring survey. …continue reading →

Adventures In Facebook: Privacy Warning, Another UI Change Coming

Earlier this month, after reading Renay San Miguel's article on Facebook application access to private information, I posted:
I've removed 80 percent of my FB applications and double-checked/changed permissions on the remaining few. Most of the [remaining] apps are there for my convenience: they allow me to post to FB from "outside" but none can access my data unless I'm using the application.
My announcement came in the wake of Facebook's apparent effort to push members to share their postings by setting "everyone" as the default audience for four categories of information:
  • about me;
  • family and relationships;
  • work and education; and
  • posts (status updates, links, photos, videos and notes).
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Chinese “Circus” Does Ballet; Tips For YouTube Postings

It wasn't too hard to figure out how to make this amazing YouTube clip "on topic" for WiredPen: the description contains an incredibly awkward typo. As I poked around YouTube, trying to find out more information about the performance, I was reminded of a mini-rant I shared with Mike this weekend: why don't posters provide basic details about the clips they upload? It's not as though they were limited to 140 characters! Tips first, then the Swan Lake pas de duex. …continue reading →