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I’m a Dinosaur

I love reading. I love reading the paper. Heaven is starting the day with coffee and the morning paper. Or two! (Seattle + New York Times). It’s not unlike wandering around a bookstore … or Nordstrom’s … where you finger the merchandise and impulse buy. A leisurely journey through the morning paper will provide food […]

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Southpark Fun!

JD Lasica points us to this great German site where you can create your own Southpark likeness. His post suggests the site had been taken down – but it’s back up today. :) I concur with his assessment: there is no harm here and a lot of viral marketing potential. Southpark -> take note of […]


Visit Me at US Politics

For most of the rest of the summer, you can find me over at US Politics at I wrote for for three years as the agriculture guide and am returning as the US politics guide. I’ve been itching to write about politics for months and now I have a chance.