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Congress sides with consumers over telecos

Almost eight years ago, the U.S. Copyright Office gave cellphone owners the right to unlock their cellphones. It had been illegal since the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which banned the “circumvention” of any copy protection mechanisms (Section 1201). This did not, however, mean that carriers honored the ruling. AT&T, for example, has been a […]


Heartbleed bug: what to do, who’s affected, who’s done what?

UPDATED: By now, you should have heard about the Heartbleed bug that decimated encryption for web servers that were using a version of OpenSSL dated December 31, 2011 or later. The latest news on this ongoing story is on my Storify. What to do? Change your passwords on accounts where you would be upset if […]

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Anti-trust and telecom/cable: the problem of excessive infrastructure competition

We really don’t like our cable company, whether it’s for television programming or Internet service. The proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable venture has put our misery in the spotlight, along with arguments that market concentration is good for us. More than 10 years ago, we had a similar national dialog about consolidation in the television programming delivery business. First, Dish […]

Review: In ‘Age of Context,’ Scoble and Israel position science fiction as science now

When asked what I think the future of personal technology might look like, I usually refer the questioner to Rainbows End. This near-future vision from Vernor Vinge, which won the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Novel, is set in California in 2025. Just about every object in the world is networked; libraries are becoming extinct as all the […]