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A Case For Digital Media Literacy: Tracking Down A Meme

Update: 11.25 pm The Twitter meme about American Airlines flying doctors and nurses to Haiti — coupled with a phone number to the Haiti Consulate in New York — is a case study highlighting a desperate need for digital media literacy. This Twitter hoax is probably no surprise to anyone who has had email for […]


Beware of Twitter Memes; How To Really Help Haiti

Update 11.20 am: CNN: Twitter hoax spreads rumors of airlines’ free flights to Haiti Oh, the “UPS is shipping packages free” meme is also a hoax Update 12.57 am: Silly me. I went to the American Airlines website looking for info, but it did not occur to me to check out American’s twitter feed. There […]

MemeBusting Social Networks

#AmazonFail : Why Did Delist Gay, Lesbian Books?

I can tell I’ve been out of PR for a while. My spidy sense did not kick in when I made my first #amazonfail tweet about 4 pm Pacific. About an hour later, I realized that #amazonfail had passed a tipping point. A Twitter search on #amazonfail revealed that the 100th page of the search […]