A historian discovered a text with an account of a miracle performed by Jesus

Memebusting: about that eyewitness report of a miracle performed by Jesus

Satire, clueless sharing, and digital literacy Once-upon-a-time, satire was (pretty) clearly marked: think Mad Magazine, for example. Then along came The Onion. Today there are innumerable satirical news sites, some that make it very clear that they are farcical — such as having a statement on each page saying “satire!” —  and some that do not. […]

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This is B.S.

Myth-busting. Tracking memes. Going beyond “someone’s wrong on the Internet”. Here are things to think about before retweeting (used as a proxy for “sharing” on any digital channel) something that you might need to “re-call” later:

Time Cover - 20 Jan 2014

“Trust me” journalism, TIME style

On display today:  journalism-as-an-op-ed: juicy on claims, thin on sources. Center court: “A Nightmare Returns” (print title) in the January 20, 2014 edition of TIME. Journalist, Aryn Baker, the magazine’s Middle East Bureau Chief: a title you have to discover by searching the TIME website, no biographical details in print, no bio link online. The […]

Meme Chasing: Literacy In America

The data points sound horrifying: 46 percent of American children enter kindergarten lacking the basic language skills they need to learn to read 61 percent of low-income children have no children’s books in their homes The verbs convey urgency (currency is an intentional affect, as the factoids are used for fundraising, establishing organizational mandates) and imply that […]