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Calling Dick Tracy!

Sprint has announced cellphone TV, courtesy of technology developed at Berkeley. Called MobiTV, this effort by Idetic Inc is the latest attempt to convince us that we really want our phones to be “Swiss Army Knife-like” gadgets. The video is displayed at one-two frames per second, considerably slower than the 30 frames per second we […]

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Seattle radio station takes NY prize

The Seattle Times reported today that Nathan Hale High School’s radio station has received the Village Voice award for best high-school radio station in New York. A Seattle station wins a New York award? How can that be, you might ask. Web-broadcast is the answer. Station manager Gregg Neilson said, “… with 40,000 listeners each […]


Media ownership and democracy

If the issues raised by my media partners story hit your hot button, you need to check out Mark Cooper’s new book, Media Ownership and Democracy in the Digital Information Age, which is available as a 313-page PDF (free! under a Creative Commons license). Lawrence Lessig noted today that the book is now available from […]