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Pentagon ban broken

The knee-jerk reaction of Maytag Aircraft — its firing of Tami Silicio (Edmonds WA) and her husband, David Landry — may have been requested by the Pentagon. But neither entity realized that they were about to turn a regional story into an international one. This is a great example of horrible PR/crisis management and yet […]

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Remember Lott?

It seems like ancient history, but it wasn’t that long ago that the Blogosphere forced traditional media to re-think a story — that of a senior Congressional politician starting a speech with a yearn for the pre-civil rights era. The politican was US Rep. Trent Lott. The occasion was (Sen.) Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party. […]

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Legitimizing file-sharing

The Electronic Frontier Federation has called for a voluntary flat-rate fee system as a way to legitimize file sharing and compensate artists. The flat-rate plan is not unlike the flat-rate paid by radio stations to broadcast music. No surprise: the RIAA opposes the plan, which got a public review Wednesday at the Future of Music […]