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Conducting Polls on Twitter

Marketing exec Chris Winfield (Let’s Get Social @ SearchEngineLand) explains how Twitter can help marketers … and he did his research by conducting a Twitter poll. I, on the other hand, wrote this post after commenting on Chris’ column! In the process, I learned a little about Sphinn (not much, need to dig some more). […]

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Can a Coupon Live Inside a Cellphone?

Well, yeah, it can. That’s a “doh.” The NYT’s headline writer asks this question to promo a short article in Sunday’s business section … as though this were something novel. Or hard to do. It’s neither and is common in Japan. In 2006 about 6-in-10 mobile customers in Japan used mobile coupons more than once […]

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A Challenge For Marketing

Sam Lawrence throws down the gauntlet to marketing folks today in a blog post entitled “Stop guarding your precious brand.” Here’s what I wrote in a comment (with a typo corrected!): Hi, Sam, this is a slightly different frame on the concept of user-centered design … which is the core of what makes a product […]