Convergence Personal Technology

Bing’s New “Radio” iPhone App

It was scenario common to modern celebrations: Gene plugged the iPodTouch into external speakers to provide background music for our mini-reunion. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention when he asked what “year” we were interested in hearing: 1974? 1975? I do remember thinking “Wow, he’s put his music into playlists by year!” but I […]


TEDxSeattle: Greg Bear On Too Much Information

Using word pictures like “the pig’s blood of technology,” award-winning science fiction author Greg Bear urged Friday’s TEDxSeattle audience to be mindful of our increasingly public and digitally-archived lives. “The web that knows who you are … do you want it to?” he asked. “All of us are neural nodes” in a massive and “vast […]

Convergence Media

George Polk Award Goes To Neda Clip

The Associatd Press reports that “the unnamed people who videotaped and publicized the shooting death of an Iranian protester have been chosen to receive a George Polk journalism award.” The award website does not provide a list of 2010 award winners. The young woman’s name was Neda Agh-Solton. I’m not sure why AP felt it […]