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Interface Hall of Shame

I think that this is what I’ll call all of these examples … it just makes life simple. The example this week comes from Ziff Davis Media publication PC Week:

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Interface Ugliness

Forget, for a moment, that the design of the above-the-fold portion of this website is ugly as sin, crowded with ads and “junk” (hat tip, Edward Tufte). Look at the ad, sitting front and center! It’s blocking the copy — the only reason we’ve come to this page. Yes, I know that lots of publishers […]


Organizational and Emotional Communication

Introduction (Jac de Haan) Our group was tasked with reading Don Norman’s, “Emotional Design: Attractive Things Work Better," and Clay Spinuzzi’s, "Exploring the Blind Spot: Audience, Purpose, and Context in ‘Product, Process, and Profit.’"  The first article discussed the theory of thought processing and how attractive design can influence perception and interaction.  The second article […]