User task analysis: does this starting page work for you?

The Washington Secretary of State has an application called MyVote which is a portal for registered voters to update address, find elected officials, and so forth. Scenario: You’ve just moved to Washington and want to register to vote. You’ve been given the MyVote link as your starting place to register to vote. You’ve not decided […]

Chart junk illustrated

A word about chart junk

Charts that cheat by showing only part of the vertical axis will exaggerate any change in data compared to a chart with a complete vertical axis. This example comes from two data points in a recent Pew study. The chart on the left shows the change from 2007 to 2014 using a complete (0-60) vertical axis. […]

Jakob Nielsen heuristics

The importance of feedback in web applications, a case study

How to make subscription activation a pain (feedback is AWOL) When we engage with a web application, the interaction is something like a conversation. A click is not unlike asking a conversational partner a question. We expect confirmation that the listener heard the question (a head nod, a verbal cue) and some sort of answer. Even if […]