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Why Local TV is Spiraling Too

From Knute Berger on — on why he is not buying a box to convert to HD: Which isn’t to say I won’t still watch TV: I can see Conan or Colbert highlights online, broadcast and cable clips at Huffington Post, Seattle Channel or KCTS websites. I didn’t need broadcast TV to learn about […]


A fine comeuppance for McCain

Peg here: I am laughing about the McCain campaign’s request of Google (via Wired) to review their take-down policies for YouTube. The campaign claims  various campaign videos using copyrighted material fall under the Fair Use Doctrine and should not be yanked. I am all for Fair Use and here I have to agree, but oh […]

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The Future of News – Princeton Last Week

I have spent the morning and part of the afternoon listening to Princeton’s Center for Information Tech’s workshop on the Future of News. Great speakers, interesting panels. It is available through iTunes on the University Channel. Also on video through the same. Here’s the link that will get you to both – plus the agenda: […]