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It’s a la carte by any other name

Are newspapers selling “a paper” … or are they selling “news and entertainment”? A similar question (selling conveyance or transportation?) could have been posed to carriage makers when the horseless carriage was new technology.


Diebold backs down

In a major policy reversal, Diebold stated Monday that it plans to retract the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices it has filed against ISPs that have posted copies of e-mail correspondance relating to its touch-screen voting machines. In addition, the firm said it would not sue the people who posted the correspondance. Presidential candidate […]

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Paper trail demanded

California’s Secretary of State has ruled that all electronic voting machines used in the Golden State must be able to print a paper ballot. The crux? The requirement doesn’t kick in until 2006. And it is “must be able to” … not just “must.” Some analysts suggest that this means counties will buy the less-expensive […]