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Another game under fire

Cubans and Haitians are protesting the storyline of the Rockstar Games title “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” because the game allegedly urges players to “kill the Haitians” and “kill the Cubans.” The “Grand Theft Auto” series has already drawn real blood (and a lawsuit); two Tennessee teenagers say that they were mimicking the game (GTA-3) […]

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Internet music: the race is on

The world’s second largest computer maker has announced it will launch an Internet music store and yet-another digital music player. Yes, HP has joined the race; their products are supposed to be available first quarter 2004. JupiterMedia projects the market for online music to grow from $80 million in sales in 2003 to $3.2 billion […]

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It’s a la carte by any other name

Are newspapers selling “a paper” … or are they selling “news and entertainment”? A similar question (selling conveyance or transportation?) could have been posed to carriage makers when the horseless carriage was new technology.