This Is B.S.


Tracking memes.

Going beyond “someone’s wrong on the Internet”.

Here are things to think about before retweeting (used as a proxy for “sharing” on any digital channel) something that you might need to “re-call” later:

  • If a tweet sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This theme is very common in email hoaxes and legends.
  • If a tweet sounds too bad to be true, it probably is. Think “so-and-so just died!”
  • If the tweet contains a call to action but no link for verification, do not retweet without verifying!
  • If the tweet is full of ALL CAPITALS and !!!! you probably want to run away.
  • If the tweet is time-sensitive (related to a natural disaster or a major news story) then put on your virtual hoax-meter.

This collection of links reflects my attempts to course-correct digital conversation.

Some of these efforts take the form of media criticism. Others are more traditional attempts to throw an obstacle in the path of forwarded email, Facebook shares and Twitter retweets.

I’ve tried to filter for analyses based on facts rather than opinion. Some of the links @ TMV (TheModerateVoice) may also appear here on WiredPen (WP).

This Is B.S.

Posts on my Facebook page (new venue).

Other myth/meme busting efforts (and fact-checks)









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