Campaign 2024 series: the stakes, not the odds

“Not the odds, but the stakes.” That’s how Jay Rosen, NYU journalism professor and media critic, thinks news organizations should be covering the 2024 presidential election.

The stakes, of course, mean the stakes for American democracy,” Rosen told Oliver Darcy, CNN, last year. “The stakes are what might happen as a result of the election.” Rosen continued: “The horse race [odds] should not be the model… It should not be the organizing principle of your campaign coverage.”

In that spirit, I plan periodic reports focused on the stakes facing voters in this presidential election.


05:Trump vows to defund public schools that require vaccines
10: Follow the money: Trump’s legal peril is a national security issue (TMV)
21: Democratic institutions could collapse if Trump returns to the White House
25: Voters should be wary of “a monetized president,” which describes Trump the candidate
25: As a “publicly-traded candidate,” Trump is a clear and present danger to national security (TMV)
30: This deep fake video is terrifyingly real: that’s its intent

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