Science, Tech and Society (2022 – 2023)

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2023: Jan
Inspiration includes AP, CHM,, NASA, TDITH, TISH

January 2022

  1. Dark side of the moon (Facebook)
  2. Solar flare captured 20 January 2022 (Facebook)
  3. Environmental regulation works (Facebook)
  4. Jupiter, the fifth planet (Facebook)
  5. Science as art
  6. What is the color of water?
  7. IBM and the Holocaust
  8. Space shuttle Challenger explodes (Facebook)
  9. Carl Benz (Facebook)
  10. Doug Engelbart (Facebook)
  11. Ham experiences low Earth orbit
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February 2022

  1. The OED: how we know the history of the word “vax”
  2. The ice cream scoop is very old!
  3. A woman pilots a space shuttle
  4. The shoemaker’s cabinet and its modern corollary, the shoe shine stand
  5. How the white collar was born
  6. The woman who found the oldest evidence of human bipedalism
  7. Venus is at its most brilliant this month
  8. First trans-Atlantic TV broadcast
  9. Weather forecasting was initially an Army undertaking
  10. Man v machine: part one
  11. Japan and China became space powers in 1970
  12. Insulin treatments for diabetes are 100 years old
  13. Almost 400 years ago, Galileo faced heresy charges
  14. First solar system Family Portrait
  15. YouTube is 17 years old
  16. How 9-1-1 became America’s emergency number
  17. Japanese researcher honored for chickenpox vaccine
  18. is 35 years old
  19. The first warrant issued to search a computer storage device
  20. John Glenn was the first American (but third man) to orbit the Earth
  21. “Bubble Boy” dies after unsuccessful bone marrow transplant
  22. Cloning, from Huxley to Dolly to Kurt
  23. Mobile phones, TCP/IP and murder
  24. An unintended consequence of war
  25. About 20,000 years ago, ancient Africans started sticking closer to home
  26. From military defense to daily necessity: radar
  27. For much of America’s history, voting was a non-secret affair
  28. Covid-19 vaccines: record speed
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March 2022

  1. In the beginning, Netscape
  2. The Antarctic ozone hole, a global environmental success story (sorta)
  3. Lincoln promoted science while fighting the Civil War
  4. From agricultural research to an agent of war: nerve gas
  5. When Arkansas turned a blind eye to forensic science and justice
  6. Bayer Aspirin: patented on this day in 1899
  7. Transformative communication technologies: the telephone
  8. Failed WWII attempt to create rubber substitute yields Hall of Fame toy
  9. How old is Reddi-wip?
  10. When cost-cutting kills: the Boeing 737 Max 8
  11. The “Spanish Flu” breaks out in Kansas in March 1918
  12. The first fireside chat
  13. The birth of the K-9 Corps
  14. Pelican Island, the birth of the National Wildlife Refuge System
  15. From mold and dirt to drugs, antibiotics have transformed medicine
  16. Real gas prices are not at record levels; corporations are price gouging
  17. St. Patrick’s Day reflects the power of storytelling. And writing.
  18. It’s “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” 111th birthday
  19. Lack of Internet access linked to Covid-19 deaths
  20. The vernal equinox (this year, anyway)
  21. Twitter turns 16
  22. The Humvee’s torturous history
  23. Health care, space, Covid-19 and WWII: 23 March has been history-making
  24. Exxon Valdez oil spill effects still linger
  25. Republicans challenge updated voting technologies, starting with Georgia
  26. Vaccines would eradicate polio in the United States
  27. Earthquake!
  28. Three Mile Island: our brush with a nuclear plant disaster
  29. Mobile phone video helped convict George Floyd’s murderer
  30. The pencil with an eraser that could be sharpened
  31. The 15th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote (30 March 1870)
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April 2022

  1. Gmail is old enough to vote!
  2. The world’s first anthrax epidemic began 43 years ago
  3. The first computer to fit under an airplane seat!
  4. MLK assassinated
  5. Fox Broadcasting is 35 years old
  6. It’s the 30th anniversary of Microsoft Windows 3.1
  7. AT&T demoed the first TV transmission over telephone lines
  8. Milk bottles: a milestone on the journey to sanitary fresh milk
  9. The Civil War ended 157 years ago
  10. Scientists released the first photograph of a black hole three years ago
  11. Sports broadcasting is 101 years old
  12. Space shuttle Columbia makes its maiden voyage
  13. Ukraine issues memorial stamp
  14. John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln 157 years ago
  15. 75 years ago, Jackie Robinson broke the MLB color barrier
  16. Contracts begin requiring that parts be interchangeable
  17. The first West Coast Computer Faire featured the Apple II
  18. Patent filed for the chemical aspartame; the brain knows it’s not sugar
  19. Moore’s law is born
  20. It was not a “spill”
  21. The Seattle Space Needle is 60 years old
  22. Mosaic 1.0 released on 22 April 1993
  23. Trump suggested injecting bleach to treat Covid-19
  24. Hubble Space Telescope launched
  25. The plastic bag: from invention to pollutant
  26. Congress debates creating a postal telegraph to ‘send mails by electricity’
  27. One of the deadliest days in tornado history in the US
  28. The iTunes Music Store proved consumers would pay for digital music
  29. The first woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences
  30. The brightest star in the sky
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May 2022

  1. Rethinking the salt we eat
  2. From involuntary sterilization to abortion
  3. West Virginia establishes the first sales tax
  4. WWII food rationing coupon book issued
  5. The first American in space
  6. The Hindenburg tragedy, 06 May 1937
  7. In 1847, doctors launched the American Medical Association
  8. From patent medicine to global conglomerate
  9. FDA approved the birth-control pill in 1960
  10. American book bans focus on race and gender identity
  11. From human computers to computerized spreadsheets
  12. Origin myths: QWERTY and Dvorak
  13. Don’t call it VELCRO®!
  14. The first vaccine: smallpox
  15. 15 May 2022: a melange
  16. Watergate hearings begin
  17. Mount St. Helens blows
  18. A patent for keeping severed heads alive
  19. Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart fly across the Atlantic
  20. Daylight Saving Time begins in the UK
  21. Robert Metcalfe visualizes a networked world
  22. New York Public Library dedicated
  23. Let there be light!
  24. Milk carton kids: appropriate awareness or exaggerated stranger-danger?
  25. We’ll do nothing about gun violence until we accept that the Second Amendment was about slavery
  26. Iconic skyline a triumph during the Great Depression
  27. The first cloned horse was born in Italy 19 years ago
  28. A day to celebrate women race car drivers
  29. A day for awareness, not just remembrance
  30. 101 years ago, the Tulsa Race Massacre began
  31. Ted Turner launches CNN
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June 2022

  1. Velveeta, the recover-and-reuse, then reformulate, American … something
  2. Long-distance electricity comes to Portland, Oregon
  3. Congress passes the 19th Amendment; it moves on to the states
  4. When Apple shifted to the Intel chip
  5. Bobby Kennedy dies in California
  6. Alan Turing, 41, died in London
  7. When Israel attacked the USS Liberty
  8. 1973: Secretariat wins the Triple Crown
  9. The window envelope is 120 years old
  10. Gas prices at the pump have increased faster than crude in the barrel
  11. Science supports law: race is a social construct
  12. Microsoft announces vaporware
  13. Happy birthday, UNIVAC!
  14. We all scream for ice cream!
  15. First woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova
  16. Evolution of Federal Register comments and Speak out to end corruption (The Moderate Voice)
  17. Image shows rings around a black hole
  18. The tireless effort to create a national religion
  19. The White House and solar energy
  20. Columbia Records introduces the long playing vinyl record
  21. The G.I. Bill demonstrated the power of public investment in people
  22. Global warming has begun
  23. Professors injured by mail bombs on each coast, part of a “string of bombings” that began in 1978
  24. June 25th deceptions: broken treaties, broken oaths
  25. The bar code is born
  26. One year ago: the Pacific Northwest was gripped by historic heat wave
  27. As We May Think
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