Flickr This: Create Compelling Digital Photos

Use Photoshop and Picasa to compose perfect digital photos. You’ll learn:
* Three tips to great-looking photos
* Optimal web image sizing
* What separates an OK photograph from a great one, whether online or in print
* The difference between RAW, JPG, GIF and PNG
* The main types of news photos


  1. Rule of Thirds (and Golden Mean)
  2. Perspective (change yours! and get close)
  3. Backgrounds (avoid clutter)

Types of Photos

  • Informational – visual record of person, event, place. Little in the way of storytelling elements. “Grip-n-grins” (and their clones)
  • Active – real people in real time; the storytelling image
  • Personality Portrait – provides an insight into the individual

Elements For Analysis

  • Emotion/Mood – real people, real emotion; mood is usually related to overall feeling of the image
  • Graphic – is there an aesthetically pleasing relationship between the lines and shapes of the image
  • Juxtaposition – irony
  • Layering – dominant foreground, informational background
  • Light – whether natural or artificial, does it enhance the storytelling?
  • Perspective – change for drama, includes focal length
  • Point of entry – what draws you into the photo?
  • Rule of thirds – a visual rule for composition
  • Sense of place – can you immediately understand the setting?
  • Surprise – the unexpected; can provide humor

Images For Lab



Flickr Photos

  • Lee – Bird (surprise)
  • Lee – Seattle (sense of place)
  • Sandro – Chevy emblem (perspective, contrast)
  • Sandro – Jag emblem (perspective)
  • Sandro – Lilies (symmetry, background)
  • Sandro – Lily (movement, background)
  • Sandro – NWA (light)
  • Sandro – Seagulls (perspective, rule of thirds)
  • Sandro – Window Seat (composition, color)

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